Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fair-Weathered Friends...

Today is Palm Sunday, the beginning of the holiest week of the year in the Catholic faith. But this year hearing the Passion really made me stop and think about my own actions in a way I had not considered before.

It has always dumbfounded me how people who waved palms and cheered in honor of Christ's arrival (because as you know, this was the time before foam fingers and pom-poms) were the same folks calling for His crucifixion only five days later. As the saying goes, with friends like that...

I could never understand Judas betraying his friend over money, nor could I understand the disciples falling asleep in the Garden of Gesthemane when Christ asked them to stay awake. And just as Christ foretold, he was denied by his closest friends. Of course, everything had to happen this way in order to fulfill the scriptures of the prophets. Nevertheless, the reading made me reflect about my own friendships.

I hope I am not a fair-weathered friend. I would like to believe I am there for my friends through thick and thin, regardless the circumstances. Of course, none have ever asked me to stay awake in a garden watching for a crowd to come calling for their execution, but I have stayed awake to watch over their little ones in an emergency. I've never been asked to witness their death on a cross, but I have taken care of a few when they were sick as dogs (sick...not drunk...although I have held the hair back for one or two of those as well.)

I find it sad when a sports team who has enjoyed an allegiance of screaming fans during the good times is left to stand alone when they are not on top of their game. It is disheartening when some are left to endure their most trying times by themselves, objects of other's gossip and despair.

It's easy to be a friend when everything is going great and we are on top in the game of life. I would like to believe regardless of the situation my friends know they can depend on me and I will be with them, through good times and bad. Otherwise, what else is there?


  1. I think, sometimes, we do things to our friends, and they to us which could be construed as "fair-weather." BUT the test of a truth friend is to weather all disappointments, to fight against the current (if you will) and, if you do, you become better friends for it. Like a marriage, friendships take work!

  2. Beth-
    You have ALWAYS been a friend to me no matter what the circumstances. You are far from a fair weathered friend!


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