Thursday, September 9, 2010

When Did I Become Vintage?!

Let me preface these thoughts by saying I LOVE being 41! I welcomed the forties and am not apprehensive about growing older.

That being said, I must admit it was a bit startling to learn some of my favorite items from my younger days are considered "vintage." Um...what? How did this happen?

I recently read how the classic look is back. As I was not aware it ever left I must have been so out of style that now I am back in again. This realization slapped me in the face recently when I was posting some items on Ebay.

During my aforementioned cleaning frenzy from Labor Day weekend, I came across my fitted Express denim jacket donned by yours truly during the late-eighties/early nineties. Being the seasoned 41 year-old woman I am, I determined the time had come to part with this remnant of days gone by, and as it is in great condition, went to Ebay to sell it for someone else to enjoy. Those of you not familiar with this process, Ebay offers a handy little tool for searching similar items to determine what the competition looks like. This is when VINTAGE slapped me in the face and called me Mamma. There it was - my rocking remnants were practically called antiques.

Though slightly disconcerting, this should have come as no surprise. Last winter my oldest daughter donned my leather bomber jacket to wear out and about. When asked where she obtained such awesome threads, she relayed it came from my closet and that I used to wear it "in the olden days." Yikes...

It is not as if my closet is ready for the next episode of "Hoarders." These clothes are classics that are made to endure. Unfortunately, it is not only my clothes bringing the vintage label upon me. 

Boomerang has taken all my favorite cartoons and brought them around again for our children to enjoy - claiming to be the station from the Baby Boomer generation. This was somewhat of a shock to my children as they weren't aware we even had cartoons in the olden days. The idea we didn't have cable until I was in middle school, not to mention only three hours of cartoons per week, seemed absolutely primitive to them. Dare I even admit I have caught myself saying, "When I was your age..." This can't be good.

I suppose the positive outlook would be to recognize all that is old is new again. But please promise if I pull out the Aqua Net and the fringed leather Bon Jovi jacket someone will stop me before I humiliate myself.

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