Sunday, September 26, 2010

Get Up On This...

I love to dance. All I need is to hear a Salt-n-Pepa baseline or a little Rob Base and I am a freak. Get Bobby Brown yelling about his prerogative circa 1988 and suddenly I'm morphed into a Solid Gold Dancer.

What is it about the dance floor that seems to intimidate so many? Music is jumping, people are out there dancing and connecting with one another. Of course, there is safety in numbers. A group of us groovin' to "Just Got Paid" is having much more fun than that solitary person hangin' in the corner swayin' with their drink.

How can one stand still with Neneh Cherry layin' it down about the "Buffalo Stance" or the lady Mary J. telling ya' to leave your situation at the door and get on the dance floor? I'm dancin' in my chair just writing this stuff!

As if my testimony were not enough, we know this was good music because now it is all being remade by recent artists. "You Spin Me Right Round" has been done twice, although neither can touch the original.

Getting older, I find this music connects me to those times before I was a grown-up with responsibilities. And it reminds me that while it was great at the time, I never wanna go back. I love where I am now. Iggy Pop lyrically proves my "Lust for Life" is ageless...I mean, come on, he's like a hundred and is still dancin' like a crazy person. That's like hypnotizing chickens...

My husband is a saint. He is not a dancer, but he never minds me having fun on the dance floor. I'm having a great time, although sometimes the thought creeps in of the possibility I may be an Elaine Benes disciple, but in the end I don't really care. Tomorrow I can be prim and proper, but for now, I'll be a dancin' fool.

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