Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome to My World!

After many years of hearing, "You should be blogging!" I finally jumped into the deep end of the pool with my hair on fire. I have so much I want to share with you and encourage you to do the same. We may see eye-to-eye, we may disagree - but we will always have something to talk about!

As I mentioned, I am a practicing Catholic who relies on my faith to lead the way. HOWEVER, the caveat being, like many Catholics, I am not sure I actually have my finger on the pulse. So, I just keep on keeping on. Somethings have a way of getting on my last nerve, while other things just roll. Depends on the day...

So let me know what's on your mind - it's all good! In my world, the sky is always blue and everybody like me.


  1. How exctiging Beth! I think your faith finger is very close to the pulse. The journey is so much fun, yes? Keep the faith my friend, as God is faithful, particularly in our humanness.

    I so look forward to your sharing your writings, etc (perhaps others will share as well)

    Thank you for inviting me to share in your world :)

  2. As for what's on my mind - i'm sad the summer is ending; but excited a new season begins (and my favorite one to boot). How is it possible that i have a child entering highschool and my baby girl right behind him? (i know you understand) and i am hoping to glean from the woman who had walked the path ahead of me :)

    I have the great privledge of volunteering at both schools and my heart is just breaking over/for the (unually large amount of) young men and ladies who have lost parents at such a tender age. I am seeking God's wisdom to help, guide, encourge at least a few of these students again this year.

  3. I can relate to Risa - how did these babies get so big so fast? I look at it not with sadness but with gratitude that God chose me to walk on their journeys with them...they are amazing young people learning their own life lessons one day at a time. I have been entrusted to guide them the best I can (which I can assure you they have not always appreciated) and I love when they have a close moment and choose to share it with me. Indeed, God is good!

  4. This is wonderful Beth...I'm so excited to "follow you"!


Please share your thoughts, ideas, hopes, and dreams...I love reading every one of them!