Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crazy, Sexy, Cool...

Bon soir! I have missed you all so very much...but you know the saying: life is what happens while you're making other plans. On the flip side, hopefully you're familiar with another (and frankly, one of my favorites): it's all good in the hood.

One would think with all the epiphanies I have had over the past year I would be some really enlightened being rivaling the likes of Rumi and Desmond Tutu. Alas, this is not to least not outside the walls of my world. In my world, I'm a legend in my own mind.

It has been a cleansing and exciting past month. Reminiscent of past posts of universal truths, I share the enclosed that somehow eluded me for the past 42 years. The journey has sometimes been rough - almost unbearable - but these realizations have energized me to new levels. So grab your we go...

~ Love has no bounds and comes in ways one never expects. This I knew. What I did not fully grasp is the way it grows exponentially and matures in ways nothing short of mind-blowing. I am blessed to give and receive love in so many ways I wish I could bottle it and share it with the world.

~ I can't control others perception of me: whether one believes me to be wonderful, horrible, amazing, uptight, funny, is all beyond my control. If I offend someone, I will apologize (but only if it's genuine.) If I say I'm sorry, I mean it. However, I realize there are times when I am not the one with the problem. To these folks, I say get over it. Life is way too short to spend your time despising me.

~ To be debt free is amazing and the only way to live. There is something so freeing about not being indebted to anyone or anything and I intend to never go there again.

~ What others call crazy I claim as perfectly sane in my world. Sometimes those of us stepping outside the boundaries of what everyone else calls normal are the most sane; we're just waiting for everyone else to catch up.

~ It's perfectly alright to be the voice of reason even if you're the minority. Sometimes standing up for what you know is the right thing to do won't make you popular, but I promise you will sleep better at night.

~ Never underestimate the value of a good walk with '90's dance music blasting in your ear buds...I'm just saying.

~ At 42 years old I am in the best shape of my life. For this I am grateful and encourage everyone to do one thing every day...just one exercise the body and the mind. If 20 years from now my children are making fun of me for singing at the top of my lungs while dancing around the kitchen, I've done my job and given them something to share with their therapist. This, my friends, is called multi-tasking, which someone very special to me said I do very well.

~ I love my gray hair, little wrinkles, and the fact I now go to bed at 10 p.m. every night (except for tonight, because I've missed you all!) Experience, confidence, and a hint of quirk are extremely sexy...and I have a slew of girlfriends to show you as proof. They are amazing women taking the world by storm and I am privileged to have them in my life. 

So there it is. I am getting the creative juices flowing again and will be back atcha before you're done reading this. And speaking of great '90's dance music...get up on this.


  1. My husband and I are pretty close to debt free (we're getting there!) and yeah, it feels awesome.

  2. I agree with everything you say here, naturally you cannot control people's perception of you, true liberation comes when you simply do not care what others think.
    Follow your heart and enjoy your gray hair.
    X David


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