Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lenten Reflections...

As many folks know, we Catholics are in the first days of our Lenten journey. Having received my ashes last evening, I am well on my way through a prayerful forty days. Sort of...

As a Catechist, after speaking with my 20 or so eighth-grade Faith Formation students a few weeks ago, I had an epiphany...and it was this. Sadly, the majority of my students do not attend Mass regularly, if even at all.  When I asked, "So you have hardly any idea what I am talking about, do you?" they were very honest and said a little bit but not much. I guess I have my work cut out for me.

I found this great two-minute video on You Tube to share with them,which they really seemed to like. So for all my dear readers who wonder what in the name of all that is holy we are up during these forty days, please take a look:

It also has a catchy little beat...I could dance to it.

I shared with my class how many Catholics will give up something in sacrifice or take on a new habit. For example, I am setting aside quiet time every morning to get back into the daily practice of reading scripture meditation. Also, many of us do not eat meat on Fridays and Holy Days and instead of a large meal will either fast or eat something frugal and donate the money to charity. 

We have an Operation Rice Bowl on our counter to collect charitable funds throughout Lent. I, going for eternal glory, took it a step further and decided Operation Rice Bowl is also my operation-stop-swearing-bowl. Starting Ash Wednesday every time I cuss I need to put a quarter in the Rice Bowl. Judging by today's standard, I figure world hunger should be a mere memory by Saturday. Say a prayer for me...

Lent has always been a time of reflection for me much in the same way others view New Year's Eve and its resolutions. I endeavor to refresh and renew my relationship with our Lord, striving to be a better Bible for others to read. May this Lenten season be a time for us to reflect upon our blessings and be a Christ-light for those dwelling in darkness. 

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  1. I paid my electric bill so I will not literally be dwelling in darkness this month, after reading your post I shall give lent some thought, something I have not done for years.
    I do know I cannot afford a cuss jar.
    X David


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