Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mighty Big Words...

Also known as "Keyboard Bravery," I am surprised how many keyboard trolls lurk among the masses, donning confidence to bring it from a back-lit keyboard. What a loss for those of us who love arguing debating conversation secure in the knowledge that, well, we can take you.

Now I am trying to tread lightly in fear of the whole glass-houses thing, but I am pretty sure if I said it in writing I'd own it face-to-face. In fact, I have. But time and time again I am amazed how someone could see me and actually hold a conversation knowing full well when I return to my trusty computer, they have a zinger there awaiting me. Seriously?

I'm also treading lightly in fear of the whole sarcasm thing, because if truth be told, I am pretty sure in the dictionary if one were to look up the word you may find my picture there. I received an e-mail this evening dripping in sarcasm. An e-mail troll? Possibly. But I have to admit as a fellow sarcastic I had to give props to the scientific application used. Also, he would absolutely deliver the exact same message face-to-face if we were in the same time zone. Plus, I vowed to stop calling him a troll because quite frankly, he's a bundle of respect in a little package and I find this refreshing.

I took a break from Facebook for over a month. Aside from a few IM buddies I have therein, I really didn't miss it. When I went back on, I felt I was looking at the process with fresh eyes and determined there are a multitude of e-mail trolls out there. For example, was it necessary for one to call out someone's bad driving by posting their license plate number? (Side note: I'm not disagreeing with the observation as I have been tortured stuck behind this same person once or twice myself, but even I was surprised at this one and that's saying a lot.) After witnessing a father repeatedly shoot his daughter's laptop in a rage over her Facebook keyboard bravery, I really began wondering what we are teaching our children when it comes to revealing so much from behind the keyboard. For you see, he posted his outrage on Facebook as well.

As I sign off, I am going to call a friend rather than send the quick e-mail hello I have half-typed. I just hope she remembers what my voice sounds like.

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  1. Keyboard bravery, is that TWI, typing while intoxicated? Are they commenting under the name anonymous? I am not sure what you are saying.
    I do know I have joined Facebook twice and quit immediately, there is a reason I lost touch with people from my past who now want me to buy them a cow for their imaginary farm. Has anybody ever had a welcome and successful reunion through Facebook? Not me.
    I like your new profile photograph, I'll be back to catch up your posts that I have missed.
    X David


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