Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All I Ever Wanted...

Well folks, supposedly I am on stay-cation from work for a few days. At least, that what I keep telling myself. But the truth of the matter is while there are a number of things I excel at, "down-time" is not one of them.

As many know, this is the week history has found me to be a slug on the Gulf of Mexico dozing in the sun with a stack of books waiting to be devoured. This year, alas, I became a grown-up and decided a one-week sacrifice is worth a debt-free life, so here I am in Upstate New York. Hanging out. At home.

The laundry is done, the dishes are in the cupboards, the floors have been washed, the menu is planned for the month, closets have been cleaned out, and I am losing my mind. Of course this little machine to my left dictating my life with every little Crackberry "bzzzz" "bzzzz" isn't helping. Some small tasks left on my work desk are nagging at my conscience - just two hours will finish everything up and THEN I can enjoy my stay-cation. Right? Hmmm...

I have come to the conclusion that winter stay-cations are not for me. Despite the 50 degree weather, it is too soon to be out in the gardens, I've already walked two plus miles (and will head out again very soon), and attempts at a nap are futile. My children are choking on all my "quality time" with them; my son actually packed up and headed to his friend's house for the afternoon to escape my constant pleas to play a game. Sheesh...

So tomorrow I will go in to the office for a few hours to finish up the loose ends plaguing my conscience. And then maybe...just maybe...I'll come home for a rousing game of Monopoly. And a nap. With a book. Sans Crackberry. Maybe.

Jane Weiland is and remains the a seventh grader I wore this album out...Enjoy! 

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  1. picked up 2 new games in VT
    LCR and Tenzis
    both kinda fun....


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