Friday, February 24, 2012

I AM...

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Ya' know, Mrs. Roosevelt may not have had Mrs. Kennedy's grace or Mrs. Obama's style, but she could definitely hold her own in the smarts department. I have saved more quotes from Mrs. Roosevelt than I can even count...she was a most insightful First Lady indeed.

A few weeks ago I was having a sluggy-kind-of-Sunday when I clicked my way to the Oprah channel. (And Oprah, when you read this, and you will read this, great interview with Steven Tyler although he is beginning to look more like someones eccentric grandmother than the rock star he is. I'm just keepin' it seem to be in good with him...tell him his days of black nail polish are over. Let's talk...)

Anyway,  I found myself at the beginning of the Tom Shadyac's documentary "I AM". I had heard a bit about this movie and thought I would snuggle under the blanket, zone out, and give it a go. I was not prepared for the impact this movie had on me. 

I have bought this movie from I-Tunes and shared it with my Faith Formation class; we are about 45 minutes in and will  finish it up next week. I encourage everyone to take an evening to enjoy this film, although here is a spoiler alert - there is a scene with an eye that totally skeeved me but all the teenagers in my class thought was way cool. Anyway...

As I watched the film it also occurred to me how often the words "I AM" appear in scripture...
~ I am the Bread of Life
~ Our Lord is the Great I Am
~ I am the vine and you are the branches
According to the Concordance there are way too many for me to actually list here, so obviously Mr. Shadyac is really onto something. 

This also got me thinking about my own I AM list, so here we go...
~ I AM a Mom
~ I AM a child of God
~ I AM a little bit quirky
~ I AM short
~ I AM a daughter, a sister, a wife, an aunt
~ I AM a friend to many
~ I AM a hard worker
~ I AM committed to a kinder, more loving, less materialistic world for my children
~ I AM running out of ideas to list here

So if you have time this weekend, please check out this documentary. I can't say enough about it and I am eager to hear what others think about it. But for now, I AM going to prepare dinner.

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