Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What To Do, What To Do, What To Do...

"You're so lucky," my daughter recently told me. "Adults never get told what to do...but kids always get told what we can and can't do." I figured I would spare her innocence from my worldly cynicism knowledge and let her hold onto this myth just a little longer. She'll learn soon enough that adulthood is highly over-rated.

But this nonetheless got me thinking. I think it would be great to take a vacation now and again from making decisions. There must be something so freeing about having your decisions made for you now and again (barring, of course, taxes, escalating grocery bills, and five-dollar-per-gallon gasoline.) What to prepare for dinner? No worries, it's done. Should we invite the entire family over or just the ones we like? Don't give it a thought...someone else made the call and even owned it for you. Imagine the bliss...

I would really like this release of responsibility for the big things in life. For example, we just learned one of our dogs has cancer. And not the "oh, we have found a spot and we think he has a good chance" kind, but the "there really is no good ending here and what do you want to do" kind. With my children looking to me with the Mom-you-can-fix-everything-so-what-is-your-plan-this-time eyes as I wrestle with the "whatever you think is best" weight wrapped about my shoulders, I want to pull out the "tell me what to do" card and slap it on the table. Granted, I know what I want to - need to - do...I just don't want to be the one to do it.

Am I the only one? I can't be the only one who would like to crawl up into the lap of someone who will rub my back and say, "It's okay...you're not a horrible person. Much." Or maybe I am. But for just a moment I am going to take a break from making decisions, go have a cup of coffee, and see what comes to me. Perhaps, in the meantime, someone will tell me what to do.

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