Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Intoxication...

Darn it...I did it again. I really did not mean to disappear for days on end. I know...I could have been laying in a ditch somewhere and no one would even know because I am so ungrateful I never even told anyone where I was. But I can't help it. I am drunk on summer.

I love summers in  Upstate New York. And once its arrival is heralded, I drink in every last drop. I put in my required hours at my work (which I absolutely love ~ a tremendous blessing in and of itself) but then I rush home to wallow in the last hours of sunshine.

You can find me creeping among the tomatoes in the vegetable garden, wallowing in the lavender gardens, swearing at the roses each time they prick my fingers (well, as much swearing as I do gosh-darn it) and napping in the wisteria under the guise of reading a book.

Can you imagine a more delicious place to hide out with a book? Such a cozy little nook...

And when it is time for dinner, summer compares to no other season. I just go out to the vegetable garden and revel in the selection. The grill is on, everything is healthy, and still I can linger in the yard. Sheer bliss...

My favorite way to end the day is a walk in the twilight followed by a swim in the moonlight. Regardless of any age I become, I will never be too old to shed the clothes for a skinny dip under the stars. I really don't care for air conditioning; I have found this is the perfect way to fall asleep...cooled from the water of the pool with the smell of chlorine clinging to my skin.

So I am sorry for losing touch - I love you all and have a LOT of reading to do to catch up with my sister (and brother) bloggers. But right now the freshly mowed lawn is beckoning me outdoors to inhale what will be lost to us all too soon. The sun is waning and I really must go. As Billy Joel said, every drunk must have his drink... a summer evening in Upstate New York is my cocktail of choice.


  1. I have to tell you, when I first saw this come up on my dashboard I thought I was looking at a picture of Princess Di! The blond hair and beautiful blue eyes made me look twice. Also, your garden nook is absolutely perfect. I would love to have a spot like that to curl up in all summer

  2. Summers in upstate NY, memories of my childhood :-)

  3. Completely understandable! Summer is a wonderful time of year to relish in... hope you have a fun weekend planned.

    xx, Sarah

    p.s totally agree with Laura :)

  4. LOVE the photo! I am so glad that you are enjoying the summer so much. I wish we had a garden so I could do just as you described--every evening. I have been loading up weekly at the Farmer's Market--that helps.

    I was just thinking this morning about how fleeting the summer has been--how hard it is to capture the same summer feeling of my childhood memories (sigh). That would be my cocktail...enjoy yours! xxBliss


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