Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You Could Be Swinging On A Star...

Today was a day when I could not get out of my own way! I had fifty deadlines kicking the stuffing out of me, Microsoft Outlook turned against me, and my desk looked like a BOMB went off - BLAM!

Does this make me unhappy? Nope.

When I dropped the ball on someone I adore, did I beat myself up incessantly? Well, maybe a little, but I digress. When I received a text from my brother who holds a piece of my heart (and childhood secrets I've paid to keep that way) yet recently moved several states away did I burst into tears? (Does non-snuffle crying constitute bursting? I didn't think so.) When a document disappeared into the file-suddenly-doesn't-exist-anymore-for-some-unknown-reason-abyss (although I have my suspicions) did I lose my mind? Well, okay, maybe for a moment, but stay with me here...

The long and short of it is I have a really blessed life. I have amazing people with me who let me share their amazing lives. Truth be told, life is turning to a new chapter I didn't think I was ready for, but we don't really get to choose when that page turns, do we?

I could worry (read: wasted energy), freak out (more wasted energy) or I can count my blessings and sing. It may not be great, it may not even be good...but it is loud and feels good. So you see it is all up to me...and I choose to go swinging on a star.

And here is Frank to get you there, too.

Thank you, YouTube...I simply ADORE old blue eyes!

~ For Frey, who I love dearly and miss! ~


  1. Always focus on the blessings and the positive no matter what proverbial crap is hitting the fan. And ALWAYS play the old standards DAILY to stay in a happy place...I do. xxBliss

  2. This is such an important reminder to focus on the positive.
    A reminder that I need when the young girl in line in front of me keeps flipping her hair in my face...


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