Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life Is What You Make It...

Ma Maison - with a soaking wet porch.

It is pouring outside. I mean, absolutely torrential-lightening-illuminating-the-sky-accompanied-by-tremendous-drum-rolls-ending-in-crashing-cymbals-thunder-as-water-races-from-the-heavens-in-non-stop-sheets pouring. Hang on a moment...I think the weather channel is on the phone offering me a job...

When I got up this morning it looked like it was going to be a nice summer day, so I made plans for after church to be - where else? - in my gardens. I had been marinating a whole chicken with hopes of slow-grilling it for lunch as I intoxicated on sunshine and weeds (the pulling kind...not the smoking kind, silly.) No weeding and alas no sunshine; the grilling I did accomplish... in the aforementioned rain. Luckily the grill is right outside on the patio, making for a quick dash in-and-out of the house.

Quickly this rain turned into what one would call a fortuitous situation. As you can see, my tomatoes are coming in like gangbusters (have I mentioned how much I adore my tomato garden?) The day was spent creating roasted tomato sauce, filling our home with a delicious aroma as my heart was filled with an equally delicious epiphany. This recipe was the third posting to my blog, which will celebrate its first anniversary on September 4. Over the course of the year, I have made some wonderful friends, learned a great deal, and wrote. As writing and meeting new people are two of my favorite past-times I would have to say it has been a beautiful year.

As I walked our property in the rain, I also realized since Mohammed (read: me) can't come to the mountain (read: France) then the mountain has kinda come to Mohammed. I have made my own little French world right here in Upstate New York. I have my French country home right down to the prissy little hens clucking in the yard, le lapin mange mes laitues, and the tire swing in the old tree. I am a quasi-gardening extraordinaire and obviously a legend in my own mind.

Mon petite ange avec le jardin lavender.

But overall I am blessed. As the rain drums on the windows and I am cooking dinner in my kitchen (linguine with clam sauce) I know in my heart I will get to France. But in the meantime, I am here. Life is what you make it...and mine is beautiful.


  1. I love a tire swing!
    And you have more of a French garden than I do ;-)

  2. Before I even read a word of this post, I saw that door and thought "how French!". Your place looks lovely, ma chere. xxBliss


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