Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How I Long To Linger...

I hope you know although I am always right to the point and I don't leisurely take the time I should it is never because I don't want to. I just long for more time.

I wish I had time to linger, savoring every bit of conversation and sharing the thoughts deep within my heart and head. So many times I want to tell you, but something draws me away...I am needed right now, another's lack of planning has become an emergency or I was supposed to be somewhere 15 minutes ago. Always two steps behind...

What I want...what I really want...is to just be. With you. No time suffocating the words bubbling from deep within, no telephone interrupting what you are trying to share, moments allowed to laugh until I can't breathe. Until then I hope my eyes convey what time does not grant me to relay.

I am aware we have the same amount of time Einstein and all the great thinkers did. If they could accomplish all they achieved within a day, what could possibly be my problem? My problem  is this...I long to linger uninterrupted and immerse myself in your world. But I am always afraid this moment will end too soon so I get right to the point to avoid wasting a moment.

But what I want...what I really want...is to linger. Summer days are turning to Fall and too soon you will be off on new adventures. So for just a moment or two, will you come with me? Curl up with me and sing me your dreams...I promise to give you the time, my time, my world. If you promise to stay and linger. 

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