Monday, July 25, 2011

Psst...Wanna Know The Secret?

What a week, what a week, what a week! Another busy emotional roller coaster whirling up and down mountains of blessings...sometimes hidden in the dips that make your stomach churn. Luckily...I know The Secret.

Recently my sister-from-another-mother, Adrienne, blogged about The Secret. I swear...Adrienne is my light house in the storm. Always with a post that brightens my day, she gave me another shove angel tap to remind me what I knew but momentarily forgot.

Several years ago I was probably the only person in the world not familiar with The Secret. After a lovely glass of wine with a dear friend over conversation allowing me to empty my soul in preparation of being filled again, she said, "You're ready."

Uh oh...

Last time someone told me I was ready I delivered a 7lb. 8 oz. baby before the epidural could be administered. But I figured since that experience ended well, what could I have to lose?

Dear friend presented me with both the book and the movie of Rhonda Byrnes The Secret. I ate both up and to this day enjoy watching/listening/reading as a way to refresh my soul. I am ashamed to admit I occasionally allow myself to get sucked into drama ( may be more than occasionally as someone very dear to my heart recently began calling me Chicken Little) so I pulled out The Secret tonight to regroup.

What one puts out into the world one gets back - ten fold. I want to be a positive force in not only my life but in everyone's life around me. Last Wednesday I celebrated my 42 birthday. I don't know about you, but on my birthday I tend to take stock of where I am and where I am going. And despite the absolute ridiculous day I just had (you can't make this stuff up) I am determined to get up tomorrow and be a positive force. I am happy with where I am and I am thrilled about where I am going. Especially since I am eventually grabbing fojoy, Adrienne, Vanessa, and Bliss and going to see Sara! Of course, I don't actually have a plan to get us all to France yet, but I am putting it out into the Universe so I have faith we will make it.

And that, my friends, is the crux of The Secret. What you put out into the world is what comes back to you. As for me, I want to be bathed in happiness and sunshine. I am gazelle intense, I am happy, and I am blessed. What more could one ask for?

Oh...and I want the same for you. This beautiful message is the same since time began. Treat others as  you want to be treated...see the Christ-light in every day to the fullest. It really is no secret...just sometimes we need gentle shove angel tap to remind us.


  1. Lovely post..I have this to say:

    1) Happy Birthday to you. You are younger than me by over a year - am jealous.

    2) that! So true.

    3) Give me the dates for Provence so I can start thinking about what to bring :)

    4) A good reminder to keep those positive thoughts streaming live in my head....even I need a gentle shove once in a while.

    Big xo, A

  2. NICE!
    Happy birthday, and keep that positivity coming! :-)

  3. A lovely post Beth...I've heard so much about this book recently...I must read it! I really believe in treating others as you wish to be treated and living every day to the fullest and I'd add a smile...people should smile more...have a lovely day.

  4. Happy Birthday, Beth!
    Hopefully all of our collective positive will get us to France - we will take that country by storm ;)

  5. Please don't forget to let me know when our dates for France are...MERCI!! xxBliss

  6. A belated birthday present... I've nominated you for the 7 Links Project over on my blog :-)

  7. happy *belated* birthday! You know, I think you and your friends will be coming to France together soon. Positive thoughts!


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