Friday, June 17, 2011

The Wheels On The Bus...

Sorry for getting that annoying little ditty stuck in your head, but there is a method to my madness. I think...

Today on my way to work I found myself stuck behind a school bus. As the bus proceeded to stop and throw its lights on to board passengers at every driveway on the road, it brought to mind memories of my time riding the school bus, the electricity in the air as the school year wound down to summer vacation, and my progression from elementary school nerdy to cool kid sitting in the back.

Truth be told, the whole stop-at-every-driveway-to-pick-up-Johnny-and-Susie annoys me to no end. When I was in first grade I walked down to the bottom of a hill, crossed a main road, and joined a motley crew group of  fellow elementary-aged travelers, where we boarded en masse to be driven to penitentiary  A.W. Becker Elementary. In one fell swoop the entire neighborhood got on the bus. And Lord help us when someone threw up and the awful pencil-shaving-cat-litter-it-isn't-taking-the-awful-smell-away stuff got thrown on top it until such a time the saint bus driver could clean it up.

When I approached my middle school years, I said good-bye to my friends and went to Catholic penitentiary private school. It was here I met some of the best people ever - some who I am still in touch with (Hey Melissa! Hi Joe! Wass' up, Sean?!) However, the bus ride was forever. In sixth grade, I kinda hung towards the middle-to-front of the bus where I would read for the entire trip. This was because, well, in the back of the bus was the coolest guy in my world who I had the hugest crush on but I am pretty sure he never even knew I existed (rest in peace, David Wetra) so I tended to subscribe to the "better to remain silent than remove all doubt" school of thought.

In seventh grade I became one of the cool kids in the back of the bus. Sadly, the coolest guy in my world "graduated" and moved on, but I can tell you we had a blast on the never-ending bus ride. This went on for two more years until we all "graduated" and moved on to different high schools...but it was great while it lasted.

This morning I smiled at these kids on the bus, and as schmaltzy as it sounds, I said a little prayer for them to embrace this time. You never know where the best memories are going to come from or how long you will all be here to reminisce. Before you can blink, these kids will be driving, graduating, and putting their own children on the goes that fast.

But lest you think I have forgotten from whence I came...I haven't. So for my friend Adrienne, my private school bus-riding companions, and everyone who needs to get "The Wheels On The Bus" out of their head, here is a little Van Halen from the good old days. Our teachers certainly didn't look anything like these women, but at least we didn't have it as bad as poor Waldo.

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  1. What a lovely surprise! A little Eddie and DLR for lil' ole me?? Hot for Teacher - such a great song.

    I was a bus rider too - for about two years (11-13). Who is more patient and tolerant than a good natured bus driver for adolescent children??


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