Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh, I'm So Confused...

I may be confused, but I'm not stupid. Nope, not me. I surround myself with intelligent people with the hope some of their divine wisdom may rub off. Stay with me on this one...

Someone whom I greatly admire engaged me in a most interesting conversation today...on politics. I know, right?! It's not like I was asked about Chanel, or Manolo Blahniks, or even something remotely in my league like music and my singing abilities, because believe you me, regardless of what anyone else says these topics I am quite secure on.

So, I waded into the politics pool. Forget a life preserver, I should have wrapped myself in a bubble suit. Any and all of my political knowledge comes from pretty much one source:

I know, I know...this is supposed to be a comedy show. But before you write me off as the village idiot, you may want to read this article from Pew Research Publications. It just so happens I am not the only person getting their information from Jon Stewart. And yes, I watch the Today Show, stalk enjoy The New York Times, and read constantly. But all the slanted journalism takes its toll on the brain and I am left not knowing who or what to believe.

Is this really the entire story? Did Weinergate really happen? "Maybe someone thinks this is funny. When you're named "Weiner" this happens a lot." As a fellow New Yorker, do I need to hear of Mr. Weiner's desire to get to the "bottom" of anything? That is just way too much information. Why is Sarah Palin on a bus tour with media hounds chasing her down? Is it true she works for Fox News hence why she won't answer their questions? Can she really see Russia from her porch? Somebody, anybody...tell me! Why can't I get a straight answer from anyone? How can I be a responsible voting American if I don't have all the facts?

Sadly, I do not feel I get an unbiased opinion from any news program or print publication. There is always a spin, always a "tone" and innuendo, never the complete truth. So until such time when I feel I can rely on a trustworthy news source, I'll stick with Jon Stewart. At least he makes me laugh, and considering the current state of affairs, that's something.


  1. The Daily Show is shown on French TV Saturday mornings at 7:30 in English. It's the highlight of my week. Funny all the time, but serious when it needs to be. I love Jon Stewart

  2. I don't read newspapers or watch the news any more, but I have seen The Daily Show and you're right John Stewart is very funny.

  3. I adore John Stewart!
    I think if you are going to get your politics from someone, he is one of the most reasonable, level headed sources out there...

  4. superficial cheap shot.

    Maureen Dowd should be grieved and embarrassed by her plagiarizing Josh Marshall which was exposed over the weekend. This was no small sentence she lifted. She stole a whole paragraph. Worse, rather than owning it, she has made excuses for her misdeed. How very typically Old Media. How very typically elite. How very typically liberal.

  5. Oof...that's the wind being knocked out of my sails...kinda like I felt when I was told there is no Santa Claus. Thanks for the link!


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