Sunday, June 5, 2011

Perhaps It's The Bells In Your Head....

Okay, to my friend who feels I pick on Mama Grizzly with ill-founded information spun by the media (side note: like shooting fish in a barrel) let me just say I tried. Really. I tried. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and look through a new lens at what this nut-job woman is trying to tell America. Once again, I feel I must remain true to my convictions...she scares me.

I confess. I always vote but am not affiliated with any political party. From what I can see, neither is stupidity (insert appropriate Weiner joke here.) And I also must admit I am not as knowledgeable historically as I would like to be. But after this clip, I am feeling like a Rhodes Scholar:

Oh...uhm...what? Paul Revere was one of the Sons of Liberty. Don't Mama Grizzlies protect their sons? After visiting the North Church moments before being accosted by media, which who are we kidding, she has begged to trip the light fantastic with her across the country, I would hope if nothing else she could remember  "one if by land and two if by sea." But I will give her history is definitely one of her most mavericky moves yet.

True to form, Ms. Palin later tried to back-pedal explain what she meant as seen here in today's New York Times, but as I read in today's blogs, the only thing funnier than her gaffs are her attempts to explain them away.

So in honor of my friend, I offer this lesson. Ms. Palin, when you read this (and you will read this) I have never been led astray by School House Rock. Notice there are no bells ringing (besides the ones in your head) and no shots fired by Paul Revere during the midnight ride. I imagine because this would have found him captured and tried as a traitor before any lanterns could have been lit or warning given.And despite Ms. Palin's assertions, I am quite sure the intention was not to warn the British that...well...the British were coming. I'm just sayin'...

God bless America ~ let freedom ring!

And when your done, you may want to google School House Rock...look for, forget's the video:

Grab Herman Cain (who thought the "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" was from the Constitution rather than the Declaration of Independence) and have an old-fashioned popcorn and movie night. Heck, grab everyone you can fit on that bus of yours: Republicans, Democrats, Tea-Partiers, Independents...on behalf of all Americans I implore you. Just watch...

While you're at it, here's the one for the Preamble. It couldn't hurt, right? As the video asks, " you know about the USA? Do you know about the government? Do you know about the Constitution? Hey...learn about the USA." 


  1. That was embarrassing. I'm off to read her back pedaling now.

  2. oh Sarah, Sarah, Sarah....

  3. "What amazes me is that Mrs. Palin does not have the courage to admit a mistake and to stand up and say sorry, I meant to say this.

    That would show a person with a strong moral character who wishes to be right, and an inspiration to others to seek the truth.

    Yet she instead retreats to a fear based reactionary stance and blames others.

    That to me is sad, and a mark of a person unsuited for the challenges encountered by those who hold great responsibility." -posted by Steve M. on the NY Times article.

    Well said Steve.

  4. Oops Maureen Dowd should be grieved and embarrassed by her plagiarizing Josh Marshall which was exposed over the weekend. This was no small sentence she lifted. She stole a whole paragraph. Worse, rather than owning it, she has made excuses for her misdeed. How very typically Old Media. How very typically elite. How very typically liberal.

  5. Oh yeah Herman Cain was wrong too. The US Constitution 14th amendment reads it's purpose is to protect individual Life, Liberty and could he get it so wrong? He is obviously not qualified to be President. Lets have professional politicians who never misspeak. Let he who is perfect cast the first editors note.

  6. One more thing...if there was only one blog I could read it would be In My have a great take on life.

  7. Thank you! And you have made my world a wonderful, and more educated, place to be this evening!

  8. AAAUUGH. She does not seek power, she simply wants money and loads of it at the expense of morons who fall for her misinformed patriotic pablum.
    Be afraid, be very afraid.
    X David


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