Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mangia, Mangia, Mangia...

I have said it before and I will say it again...I love to cook. This is great because, well, I love to eat.

I have never been one of those delicate-pick-at-my-plate-so-you-don't-think-I-actually-eat kinda gals. Nope, I can put it away...which is great because the joy I derive from working with fresh ingredients and preparing such delectables is sublime.

Today was one of those really productive days when I came home from church, accomplished tons of  tedious grown-up stuff AND even managed to squeeze in a Sunday-afternoon nap. The close of a day this grand had to be in my kitchen, working with the classical music playing and a glass of Shiraz at my side.

As Boccherini's Minuet sang its serenade, I kneaded homemade pizza dough and created a pizza sauce with herbs fresh from our garden. To my children's delight, I called them in to make their own pizzas. The house quickly filled with the fragrance of baking crust and rich tomato with herbs. They loved it and as I look at them all laying back in their chairs totally satisfied, asking when we can do this again, I feel the wonderful feeling of contentment. And I swear, it isn't the wine.

I wish you could have been here with us. I wish you joy in your kitchen, joy with your food, and joy in your day. And to bring you a little closer to me, here for your listening pleasure it Boccerini's lovely minuet. Pour a glass of wine, close your eyes, and enjoy the moment. And maybe a slice of pizza or two.


  1. My turn to be envious...I WISH I loved to cook. I try, I really do but it just hasn't happened. But I really don't LOVE to eat either. Thankfully my husband and I are the same in this area of life. xxBliss

  2. I had pizza last night too!
    But because Wilzie wasn't around to cook it, it was just veggies and salsa on a pita...


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