Monday, September 12, 2011

The Wonder Of It All...

So the Fall semester has begun and I am eye-balls deep into the homework flow again. One of my classes is a challenge; the other I find really interesting. This class is Biology, which is really saying something because...well...I'm an English major.

Now I must admit there are no labs assigned with this class, so I am thrilled there will be no pickled frogs sacrificing their little nasty selves for the sake of my education. This is GREAT because while I can handle many things I don't think after working all day dissecting stuff previously leaping in the yard would be pretty. Rude people in the local Walmart, maybe, but not little garden critters...but I digress...

Not one wanting to cause controversy (Ha! I know, right? It was funny even as I was typing it!) I can't help but look at the whole science-versus-religion-and-we-evolved-from-sea-life-that-took-a-chance-by-stepping-out-of-the-water-and-onto-the-sand controversy and ponder. The reason I take pause is because while all of this science is truly fascinating, it does not eradicate how truly miraculous it is the when it all comes together in perfection.

With understanding of the atoms that form cells that form tissue that form organs that form organisms I am overwhelmed not by the knowledge, but by the handiwork of a power so much greater than all of us working from a plan none of us can ever comprehend. I remember being pregnant with each of our three children and impatiently waiting for the visits with the ultrasounds so we could see our little angel on the screen. Science had nothing to do with this - it was all in awe of the miracle bestowed upon us. Seeing the perfection of a new life formed and then witnessing the rapid growth from an infant, to a toddler, to a youngster, and then to a teen...well, there are no words. And when the science fails and we must endure the unthinkable, many times we can look back and see God's plan there as well.

And it took a Biology class to remind me of this. While science is definitely fascinating, faith is absolutely breathtaking.

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