Wednesday, September 7, 2011

But Once You Make It Through The Thorns...

Hands down, my favorite fruit in the world is the raspberry. For such a little wonder, the sweet burst of flavor dancing on my tongue can compare to no other. I love to pillage the garden for these treasures, hot from the sun and so juicy they fall from the vine. The trick, or course, is avoiding all the thorns.

Raspberries are mischievous elves, seductively peeking scarlet heads from the shelter of their green leaves.  In haste, I have been known to plunge my hand into the thick of a patch only to quickly withdraw as a pincushion. Gingerly pushing the vines to the side, I am reminded once again to methodically take my time if I am to fully enjoy the pleasure that awaits.

My favorite flower, the rose, affords the same lesson. Colors bursting from evening gowns of splendor bathed in fragrance more heavenly than any earthly perfume sing their siren song to me as I hasten to create garden bouquets for our home. I can't tell you how many hours I have spent digging thorny splinters from my fingers. But when I take the time to immerse myself within the gardens surrounded by the roses, gently clipping the stems in an orderly fashion I always find myself rewarded with not only beautiful arrangements but also a sense of peace for the leisure pace.

This thought occurred to me last evening as I attended my first class of the semester. Quantitative Business Math...even the sound of it is a thorn to me. As I tried to quickly grasp the concepts and became frustrated when the answers didn't rapidly come, I remembered the raspberries. And the roses.

I came home and quieted my mind. In solitude and peace I contemplated the problems. As I slowly pulled back the vines, I found the concepts sprouting in my brain. With each new question, I became more secure with my answers. Slowly proceeding, hidden among the leaves was an actual joy and triumph as my confidence grew.

Of course, it was only the first night. I figure by the end of the semester I will either be a QBUS genius or a raging's such a thin line. But for now, I'll just enjoy the process. Once you make it through the thorns, the rewards are worth everything it took to get there.


  1. Lovely post Beth, and I can see your words of wisdom applying to parts of my life at the moment too. Like you my fav fruit is raspberries. But they are so difficult to buy here in Spain; not sure why?
    I know you will make it through your course like a flousrishing rose. You migh drop a few petals on the way, but you will still be beautifully gorgeous when you get there (the odd tipple will help also ;-)

  2. Great analogy, Beth! You are some writer! See you later this month. Linda D

  3. Beth, you should write for "Victoria" magazine--seriously (this is a GREAT compliment coming from me as I have been a reader of Victoria since it first came into print). I love raspberries too (tie between them and blueberries for my fave) and of course, roses. Let's get together for a picking fest. xxBliss


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