Monday, September 5, 2011

With Thanks And Praise...

It was a busy week. And often during the busy times, I forget. I forget to stop and say thank you. Thank you for my blessings, answered prayers, and those who put up with love me.

It has been a relaxing Labor Day weekend. While there has been work to be done and much has been accomplished, it has also been a time for leisure reading, leisure time in the kitchen, leisure time with family. In short...just what I needed. And I give thanks for this.

Answered prayer came this week with the news our dear cousin's cancer is now in remission. While prayers still flow for his continued recovery, the battle is won with the eradication of this most awful demon. I never cease to be amazed in the power of prayer - it has the ability to lift us up and make the impossible possible.  Strangers join as one lifting hearts to the heavens in the name of something other than themselves...powerful indeed.

Every time I believe I have mastered the art of letting go to let God, I find myself questioning and returning back to square one. This week I ranted shared observations of my "working mom's guilt" for missing important events. In hindsight, perhaps time would have been better spent realizing my daughters are becoming strong young women learning to stand on their own. Perhaps this is what was missing - not my presence but my quiet reflection.

It is a quiet, rainy afternoon where I have the leisure to enjoy my new laptop (V2 is wonderful!) and share my heart thoughts to whomever wishes to spend a moment with me. Tomorrow my first class of the semester begins, in a few days school will begin for my children, my son will begin his last year of high school while my oldest daughter begins her first. But for today, I am thankful for this quiet time of leisure and give thanks for the blessings of my world.

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  1. That is so true... sometimes it's a struggle of just trying to get work done, and to keep up with the day to day living. We must take a few moments to sit and look around—to be grateful. I am glad to hear about answered prayers and the promise of God's hand on ours. He is one amazing God.

    Have a wonderful week!



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