Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Not A Mind Reader...

I have a terrible habit. See, I have a tendency to have the majority of a conversation in my head with the details pretty much worked out when I turn to someone and say, "Well, what do you think?" With a look betraying their suspicions of my impending loss of faculties, I realize I have done it again...expecting others to be mind readers.

While several close to me have become used to this extreme annoyance little idiosyncrasy I really must endeavor to eradicate this behavior. Because, you see, I get extremely upset when others read into my words and/or actions for more than what I really mean. Truth of the matter is, I'm not that deep.

Yes, I have a tendency talk fast and yes, I have brainstorm and have a million ideas going on at once. Yes I love to laugh and yes, I love to take an idea, throw it on the table, and twist it every way but Sunday. I love a good debate and a great discussion. I always seem to have a hundred questions and operate under the assumption it is always better to ask questions than not. But more than all of these...I greatly enjoy most of the people I interact with. I never want to hurt someone's feelings (well...unless I do and then there is no room for doubt but that's a story for another time.) Sincerely,  I do work hard to treat others the way I want to be treated.

My point is I would rather ask questions and have an understanding of your truth than falsely believe I can read your mind and come to your intention on my own. Because I can't. And here's something one can read mine, either.

So rather than anyone think they know I meant or what my eyebrows furrowed means or why I laugh at what may offend them or why I don't like them...I wish they'd just ask me. I have learned more often than not...folks are way off base with their mind reading abilities. I'd rather be asked a hundred questions than have someone try to read between my lines. Chances are I like them fine...but I'm not a mind reader. And guess what? Neither are they.

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