Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life Lessons and Pudding Pops...

I am compelled to share a great article from today's New York Times giving props to the one who brought us Fat Albert, Little Bill, life lessons, and some pretty horrific interesting sweaters. Oh, and let's not forget those pudding pops...

Luckily for my teenager, I am  effervescently glowing from the wonderful day I had, thus allowing the momentary utter loss of mind lapse of reason we just endured to roll off my back like, well, I don't know what because I don't by nature let things roll off my back...or any other part of my body for that matter. Regardless, it was ironic I stumbled onto this New York Times piece because during the teenage-angst-I-can't-believe-you're-butting-into-my-business-to-make-me-a-responsible-person juncture, I was recalling one of my favorite Bill Cosby episodes EVER:

Gold...pure gold...

The Cosby Show is one of those I will watch anytime I can catch it in syndication. It is the genius witnessed in this clip that pats me on the head and tells me I am on the right track as a parent. Cosby is ageless and transcends generations. Think I'm kidding? It was merely four weeks ago my nephew threw down on his Dad's wardrobe calling out his "Cosby sweater." This was not a compliment. It got his point across and to give you an idea of what he was putting' down, take a walk down the 1980's memory lane with a visit to http://www.thecosbysweaterproject.com/ and view some of the greats. Incidentally dear brother-in-law, when you read this (and you will read this) I love you and all but he was right...update that wardrobe.

As I drink my bottle glass of wine self-congratulating on the aforementioned award-winning example of parent composure, I am also enjoying the article praising one's life work as opposed to the usual doom-and-gloom-it's-so-much-more-fun-to-tear-'em-apart attitude we tend to find in the media. Again I say, it has been a wonderful day filled with happiness and heart. Thank you, Neil Genzlinger, for such a pleasing read at to close this day and thank you, Bill Cosby, for the sweaters, the music, life lessons...and especially those pudding pops.   

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