Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just Dance...

First of all, thank you to my Bestie for letting me borrow...oh, I don't the MOST FUN THING EVER! Well, according to me, anyway. My daughters, on the other hand, claim to be scarred for life.

Bestie was telling me how much fun Just Dance 2 for Wii is. I have been wanting to give it a go, so this evening she let me borrow it. Thrilled to have the Wii being used for something other than little Italian men with creepy mustaches wearing overalls and driving cartoon cars, I commandeered control of the remotes and popped Just Dance 2 into the console. Suffice it to had me at hello.

I started out with Outkast, because everyone knows anything with Andre 3000 adorned in plaid screams tons-'o-fun. Two seconds into the fierceness I was ready to wet my pants dance all night long. As the "Gold"  status flashed upon the screen, I was thankful the Wii was only recording the movement of my right arm, because I have my work cut out for me with regards to my feet keeping up. I know, I know....this lack of hand-eye coordination is a bit of a surprise, but admitting it is the first step to recovery, so there it is.

Next came the Beastie Boys Body Movin' and baby, let me tell you, EVERYTHING was movin'. I was flailing and swirling and oldest daughter asked if this is what a seizure looks like. Even though she absolutely refused to take part in the hours of fun, deep down I know she was really taking notes on how to "bring it."

Now it was time to slow it down a bit, so I went to Fatboy Slim's Rockafeller Skank because, well, it ROCKS! But this did not help my attempt to breathe take it down a bit, so I did a little Iko Iko. Even the girls had to sing along with this one. Nevertheless, it was at this point they threatened to secretly tape me and upload it to YouTube, so I let out a sigh, handed over the remotes, and sadly left the room.

Don't tell them...but they probably saved their Mom from a heart attack.

BUT...tomorrow is another day, my son will be at work and my daughters are going to a friends's for dinner.  Yes, I will miss them, but it doesn't even need to be said. I will be just dancing my way through the entire disc! Hey Ya! 

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  1. My nieces have this and I became completely addicted to it on my last trip to Dublin. I NEED to own this! It is so much fun!


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