Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And So Until We Meet Again...

" you HAFTA hug and kiss and talk to everyone you see?"

Well, yes...yes I do.

I know, I know...I am a VERY huggy-kissy person. I am one of those people who will  cross the room to say hello as I throw my arms around you while planting a kiss on your cheek. But it's not totally my fault as I  am extremely-certainly-positive-somewhere-I-know-I-read-it-as-fact that...well...I'm a French girl at heart, and we all know the French are infamously wonderful kiss-hello folks.

What is more intimate than a kiss? Well, I know the answer to that but work with me here. A hug and kiss tells you I am happy to see you and more than likely in this busy I have no time for myself merry-go-round world we occupy it has been way too long since I have seen you. So there it is.

I am not that deep so please know the enthusiasm exuding from me is true happiness to see you and spend time with you...if even for just a moment or two. And I also know our time together will be shorter than I would like. So I leave you with a little piece of me to take with you.

In the ever-logical manner of my mind and convoluted thought-process, this self-realization brought me back to days of yore when I would be kickin' it old school to The Lawrence Welk Show with my Papa. Truth be told, I was watching under extreme duress wondering who on earth would really sing One Toke Over the Line in a full-length prairie dress with a full orchestra, but nonetheless, I thought of it tonight. Oh, and lest you think I fabricated that part, here is the proof for my commitment hearing:

Judging by this hot mess, Gail and Dale are probably way beyond toking 
and have become full-blown coke heads by now, but I digress...

Any way, I was reminded of Lawrence Welk and the close of each show. I sang this ditty at bedtime to my kiddies, my bestie sang it to her kiddies, and  I was always overjoyed to hear The Lawrence Welk ensemble sing it because it signaled the end of the painful debacle week's episode. But the sentiment is wonderful. In my infinite wisdom, I changed the words to, "Here's a kiss, and a prayer that all your dreams come true." And so until we meet again...I send you hugs, I send you kisses, and I send you Lawrence. 


  1. That's sweet.
    I myself am a hugger, which makes living in France, the land of the hugless kiss, quite difficult for me. I miss hugs! I really do!
    Holiday wishes and kisses to you Beth!

  2. I'm a hug person too!
    Happy Christmas to you and yours, Beth.

  3. I am with you, and love both hugs and kisses! My Mother's side, French, are all about the kisses well and I grew up thinking that it was the perfectly appropriate greeting until I went to school and others thought my loving nature was too much!

    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas–I wish you a wonderful 2012, with great surprises, health, love and wonderful adventures... lovely to know you :)



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