Monday, October 3, 2011

Just Go With The Flow...

It has been one...of...those...days. One of those days when I should have worn my "I'm with stupid" shirt or better yet, just stayed in bed. These days don't come along very often in my world... Haley's Comet is more frequent than these downer days. But one thing is for's time for a good cry.

Most of the time it's all good. Most of the time I can tolerate morons people with extreme ineptitude and their offensive attempts to convince the rest of us we're the ones with the problem. Most of the time I can laugh it off and go with the flow. But today it all caught up with me. Today I hit my limit of being beat up at the bus stop.

Some people feel the need to fight back, throwing punches and stooping to incredible lows thinking the inept ones will finally comprehend that they are...well...inept. Chalk it up to my short and underdeveloped stature,  but I do not lean towards the throwing-punches school of thought. And while I can sling sarcasm with the best of them, what point is a battle of wits with unarmed opponents? It always ends in futility because inept people are...well...inept.

This, however, does not lessen the frustration, the despair, or the need for a really strong gin and tonic. When it gets to the boiling point of dealing with this behavior nearly day in and day out, when my body physically aches and my head is ready to explode, all I can do is cry. And this isn't as hard as it sounds. Incessantly slamming ones head against the wall is sure to bring about the tears. However, when a day such as this arrives upon my doorstep, the head-slamming scenario would actually be welcome. For you see, it is the extinguishing of my Christ-light that forces the tears to flow, coupled with the fact I have lost the strength to fight. The frustration I feel over giving someone this much energy saddens me to extremes I cannot relay. And I cry.

I just go with the flow, letting the tears come until I am completely exhausted and empty. Within this darkness a spark will ignite...quietly...slowly... softly flickering until it bursts forth into an inferno burning bright. My Christ-light will shine again, illuminating everyone and everything in my world.

Even the inept ones. And I will breathe...and laugh...and sing...and just go with the flow.

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