Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And It Goes Like This...

I am doing the happy dance tonight.

For those not familiar, this ain't no mamby-pamby two-step dance. It is a full-blown-hips-shaking-arms-flailing-the-less-experienced-would-appear-to-be-having-a-seizure-singing-at-the-top-of-my-voice happy dance.

Perhaps it was because I was in my glowing-from-within place. Perhaps it was my serene and peaceful state of mind. Perhaps it was the ethereal-floaty-bring-on-the-world feeling I was feeling. Whatever it was...I aced my Quantitative Business Math test. Yeah, I said it...I aced my QBUS test.

This is a BIG deal for me. As one who is never very rarely intimidated, I confess...QBUS scared the stuffin' out of me. When I first opened my text book, I was convinced I would never, ever understand this stuff. Truly, all the lines and equations crossing and intersecting looked like a game of pick-up-sticks gone horribly wrong. (When good games go bad...not for the faint of heart.)

But I am over-the-moon thrilled tonight. I came in the door singing my favorite song du jour, reliving the ethereal-floaty-bring-on-the-world feeling I wrapped myself in earlier. While my son tells me having to witness my singing-and-dancing display with my "moves like Jagger" will undoubtedly require years of therapy to undo the scars, I am sure deep down he is proud of me. Really.

I am ready for the next class...bring it on! There is nothing to fear but fear itself! In the meantime, here is my favorite song du jour. Sing along with me, dance along with me. Mamby-pambys need not apply.

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  1. You should be doing the happy dance! That test sounds less than fun (way, way, less than fun!) So good for you, and I'm going to do a little happy dance too! :-)


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