Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fa La La La La La La La - Trick 'R Treat!

Okay...I don't know if this is on par with the four horsemen, but things are definitely getting a little weird around here...

Here we are in New York, our pumpkins are on the porch, the cornstalks adorn the posts, jack-o-lanterns grin from the windows. The basket is piled high with tons of wrapped coronary inducers fun-size candy, which incidentally, Mr. Hershey, when you read this (and you will read this) please note this is NOT fun-size. This is you-are-really-going-to-make-me-work-for-satisfaction-from-all-this-little-nonsense-size. In my world, 5 lb. bars are what earns the title "fun-size" but I digress...

So the rubber bats are dangling from the archways, the ghosts are on the newel post...everything is ready for the little trick-or-treaters. But wait! I forgot one thing! First, I need to shovel the sidewalk. Yes, you read it correctly, I need to shovel the sidewalk.

What a lousy trick Mother Nature played on us this weekend. Really? I mean, really? As if it isn't bad enough I've had to see Christmas decorations adorning the retail outlets for the past two weeks, did she really need to go and throw snow into the mix? Surely, I think not.

It was cold. Not chilly, not breezy, but settle-into-your-bones-the-boogers-are-freezing-in-your-nostrils COLD. And it is only October. I wasn't sure if I should roast pumpkin seeds or start baking Christmas cookies. You can't go messing with someone's chi like throws off my entire equilibrium.

However, not one to sit and gripe about everything (Ha! I know, right! I laughed even as I typed it!) I went for a walk with a friend. As the biting non-seasonal weather burned my lungs and my eyes watered into icicles, I must admit it felt great to be out in the air. However, returning and crawling under an afghan near the fireplace was the ultimate piece de resistance.

So let the kiddies come dressed in their costumed finery - what do I care if it is under a snowsuit? I will answer the door and hand out the treats. And in the always present mind of making lemonade from lemons, there may even be a vampire snowman on the lawn to greet them.    

Happy Halloween!


  1. I feel your pain! I'm in atlantic Canada and we got snow too!

  2. I was watching CNN Intl this morning and it was showing snow covered Newburgh, crazy to think my old stomping grounds are covered in snow already! Bundle up :-)


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