Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm Not A Little Girl...I'm The Bionic Woman...

Well, once again it has been too many days since checking in to my world, but I have been on a mission. A genuine-Oscar-Goldman-the-world-is-hanging-in-the-balance-I'm-gonna-kick-some-bad-guy-heiney-mission.

First of all, no disrespect to Wonder Woman, but I can relate to Jamie Sommers. I just don't have the chest to pull off the Wonder Woman get-up, although I would be down with commandeering an invisible jet to fly off to the League of Justice, or let's say...Paris...every now and again. But Jamie Sommers it is.

I have shared how I am on my Dave Ramsey gazelle intense plan to eradicate debt from my life. I have been selling crap treasures left and right and even held a few yard sales (this is a topic for another time...and believe you me...there is PLENTY there for a story.) However, for some of the bigger items I have utilized Craigslist. I am happy to relay I enjoyed really good luck with Craigslist...until sean4strong came into my life.

In an effort to sell items we have not used in years, I listed our pool fountain for sale. This is a beautiful piece...well, see for yourself:

Disclaimer: Stock Photo - while my pool is awesome this ain't it!

I know, right?! And while it can be very relaxing to listen to while swimming (or drinking wine poolside) I figured not listening to bills depositing into the mailbox can be just as relaxing. So onto Craigslist it went.

Right away I had a reply of interest...and everything was going swimmingly (sorry...little pun intended) until time came to arrange the pickup. Then came the "I'm gonna mail you a bank check and when you let it clear your bank I'll have my driver come pick it up and you can give him the balance of the check to pay him."

Obviously sean4strong doesn't know who he is dealing with here.

I put on my bionic woman detective hat and became determined to take this Fembot DOWN!

My anger over what this freak was trying to do overcame my Fembot fear. I was so furious someone thought they were going to wipe out my bank account I became a woman on a mission. And today the check came. I super-sleuthed my way all the way to Birmingham, Alabama. Sadly, after gathering all of my evidence, I learned Oscar Goldman wasn't even interested. Sadly, this type of scam happens all the time and doesn't even warrant official attention. 

Needless to say, I turned off my bionic ear and used my bionic arm to pour a bionic glass of wine. And I gave thanks for the knowledge to spot a fake check when I see one (kudos to sean4strong...this was a really good fake...and I pity the person who puts their trust into this shyster.)

So in closing, I thought I would end my bionic woman day with a laugh. A few years ago I fell in love with an AWESOME show called Freaks and Geeks. In honor of Jamie Sommers and all that is bionic, here is one of my favorite clips of Bill Haverchuck dressing up for his last year of trick-or-treating as the Bionic Woman. 

But please don't laugh too will hurt my bionic ear.


  1. The same thing has been going on in my world, Beth...listing on Ebay and Craigslist constantly trying to continue the purging around here. It is rewarding but very time consuming and sometimes maddening (as you mentioned). Good for you, girl! Keep it up!! xxBliss

  2. You are awesome, with your super-sleuthing!
    Though, I am little bit shocked that nobody seemed to care what this guy was doing...


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