Monday, July 11, 2011

Journey To The Center Of Your Mind...

Upstate New York is in the midst of a beautiful hot summer. And as I have been awaiting this weather since about, oh, I don't know...January...I have been taking full advantage of it. Hence why I have been MIA since last week.

Last Thursday I took the day off from work, grabbed the kiddos, some of their friends, a picnic lunch, a couple of books, and headed off to the beach where I proceeded to lay like a slug for over three hours. While dozing off and on for a little while I kept pondering an e-mail I received a week or so ago that kinda shook me...for about half a second.

You see, when I posted my steadfast belief of love conquering all coming to fruition here in New York, I had a follower (or, shall I say, previous follower) send me an e-mail explaining why they were no longer following me and the maniacal observations of my world. It seems there was incredulous disbelief that I could tout myself as a Catholic and could even entertain being a Catechist if I condone same-sex marriage. According to the email, I should brace myself as I could find myself spending an eternity down south where the heat is intense...and I ain't talkin' Florida. I'll be sure to pack my sunscreen...

Of course, when I read the e-mail it freaked me if someone was standing right in my den taking me to task. I haven't been attacked by someone who doesn't know me (or even anyone who does) since I sat on our school board (that's a story for another time when copious amounts of wine have been consumed.) I am more of the self-deprecating-make-fun-of-myself-doesn't-take-a-whole-heckuvalot-too-seriously type of gal. However, after reading this I turned V off and went to bed.

So back to the beach...after catching up on my Vitamin D and pondering the situation in both my head and my heart, I came to a few more truths:

* When Christ died on the cross, it wasn't just for middle-class heterosexual married people who pay their bills on time and don't eat meat. He sacrificed His life for all of who are we to judge one another?

* I used to think I was a liberal. However, I have a friend who I really enjoy talking with who makes me turn my thinking inside out. So I will try live by the Golden Rule rather than a liberal, conservative, democratic or republican rule. I figure if I treat everyone else the way I want to be treated I will be in good shape and will never have to affiliate with any party.

* If you live in America, you should pay your fair-share of taxes. I am tired of hearing "tax the rich" because...well...when I win my Pulitzer the movie offers are going to come flooding in and I will be rolling in dough. Ergo, I will want everyone to do their fair share instead of over-taxing me so I can be the next Bill Gates of philanthropy. 

* As far as not being a good Catholic, all I can say is let he without sin cast the first stone. But I must warn can really hurt when the rocks hit your own glass house.

* Lastly, I don't care how old one gets, sand in your crack will always be a nuisance.

So armed with these truths, I leave you with this AWESOME song because it would have been utterly cruel to post a title such as this and not give you the tune. So turn it up, ponder your truths, and be careful of the sand. Like people and their opinions, it has a way of creeping into places you least expect.

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  1. Are you freaking kidding me, Beth?!
    This annoys me greatly!
    I'm sorry, but who do people think they are - to lecture you and try to make you feel bad for your beliefs?
    Your beliefs that everyone is deserving of love? Your beliefs that we are all equal and should be treated as such?!
    Yeah, dare you think that way - you are so obviously a horrible person.
    I'm glad you have gotten over it, we shouldn't let small-minded people have that kind of power of us (I guess flinging insults probably makes me no better than your commenter, but too bad - fojoy is very annoyed!).
    And "sand in your crack"? So true!
    You are awesome.


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