Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Fashion Challenge...

My dear friend, Bliss, tagged me in her recent challenge. Now it must be known...Bliss is one of my amazing friends from the blogging world who I find myself so in sync with I am pretty sure she, Adrienne, fojoy, Sara, and I could have been separated a birth. Of course, I have no concrete proof of this...just a good, strong hunch.

First of all, I am always thrilled to see what my friends say in response to these "tags" as they are wonderful writing prompts leading to discussion we may have never explored or new secrets not yet divulged. Secondly, I am always honored to be tagged to think someone out there is truly interested in the thoughts of my world. That being said, I feel I must start off this challenge with a quote from the one and only Queen of my fashion world:

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening"
~ Coco Chanel

1) What international brands would you like to try on and why?

Any vintage Chanel I could get my hands on...preferably while standing in her Paris apartment preserved just as she left it. Chanel lived by her own rules, embraced the form of and flattered a woman's body, and created the unrivaled No. 5 still worn by women all over the world today.

I would also love to adorn myself in Hermes' scarves and handbags...just to see what it would be like.

2) If you received something you didn't like what would you say to that person?

Thank you. The way I see it is a) they don't really know me but took the time and effort to do something for me anyway; or b) they do know me and but just didn't hit the mark this time. Either way, it's all good in my world.

3) Do you prefer giving or receiving?

Definitely giving! I love doing special things for the people in my life. I love surprising folks with something I knew they would love and seeing the joy it gives them. The caveat to this is if it comes to a massage... I would MUCH rather be on the receiving end. You just can't beat a good massage.

4) Do brands influence you when you buy something?

They used to. But now I am like Bliss; I am not really one for wearing someone else's name for all the world to see. What truly influences me is the style, how well is it made, how often will I wear it, does it compliment me and my wardrobe. I have streamlined my closet and budget considerably...I am now even more picky choosy about what gets the honor of my funds and my wardrobe.

5) From 0-5, what do you think of the blog who tagged you?

Five ++++++!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again...I am extremely blessed by the friends I have made in this blogging world. They are kindred spirits walking on this journey with me and have made me realize what a truly puny planet it is.

6) Your wish list?

Like Bliss, I shall assume funds are no obstacle, so...

Vintage Chanel...timeless...chic...amazing.

Italian shoes...lots and lots of Italian leather shoes...

An entire kitchen of Le Creuset! Fashion is a state of mind...and spending time in my kitchen cooking for those I love is zen and puts me in an incredible state of mind...

Lastly...periodic jaunts to the City of Lights would do marvels for my fashion wish list!

Now I get to choose four friends I want to hear from, so here goes. don't hafta play along, but I'm really hoping you will! Ooh la la!

(Who incidentally just did a post "The Magic of Chanel - The Mastery of Lagerfeld" - LOVE IT!)

Enjoy! Bisou, bisou!


  1. Thank you for the separated at birth comment! You made my day :-)
    And for me a kitchen full of Le Creuset and OXO pop grip containers and I would be in heaven... HEAVEN!

  2. Thanks Beth for the invitation to play along...but I was tagged a couple of weeks ago on this...good fun isn't it?
    Lovely post...vintage Chanel...ah...chic personified!! :)

  3. I have to finish up my fashion challenge post Old Navy considered an international brand?
    And I couldn't agree more that the 4 of us are sisters at heart!

  4. Lovely post.
    As a foodie Le Creuset has pride of place in my kitchen too.
    Do pop over and see my re-vamped blog.Would love to hear your opinion ;-)

  5. Yay! You played and I love all of your answers. I totally agree with the sisters separated at birth too. I would love to have a kitchen full Staub or Le Creuset too--great answer. And trips to Paris--bien sur!

    (I can't wait to see Fojoy's Challenge--she already has me laughing in her comment here).

    xxBliss (and merci for all your loving comments about moi et mon blog).


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