Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Waiting For The Sun...

It has been nothing but gloomy here in Upstate New York. And while I heard the sun peeked out a bit today, I was in an office sans windows so I can't confirm if it really happened or is just rumor. You know how those nasty rumors get started.

We have had our share of rain, rain, rain. And though this pitter-patter-torrential nonsense is on my last nerve, it is nothing compared to what our fellow Americans in Joplin, Missouri have endured. The devastation is heartbreaking and the loss immeasurable. Incidentally, here is the link to the American Red Cross - Joplin Office in the event you are feeling as helpless as me and want to feel like you've done a little something to help.

I finally got so sick of it this past weekend I decided I didn't care anymore. I donned my Wellingtons (well, my Tractor Supply knock-off Wellies) and headed out to the garden. This of course prompted laughter from my children asking if I was Christopher Robin. Let's see who's laughing when my raspberries come in and I stuff them all in my mouth before the dear children even know they've arrived. But this did remind me of my favorite part of Winnie-the-Pooh and how all of my children loved this cartoon when they were small:

So of course, I proceeded to sing this little diddy all weekend. Suffice it to say, the kiddies are no longer calling me Christopher Robin; they are sorry they ever brought it up. And I am pretty sure they appreciate how cool I look in my Wellies and secretly want their own. I am their Mom; I know how they think.

So here's to hoping the weathermen don't have a clue and we really aren't going to have rain for the next week. Otherwise, I'm gonna start looking like the little anemic kid on The Simpsons:

Thank you Matt Groening

I need my Vitamin D. For someone already short and underdeveloped, adding pasty white to the equation can not be a good thing.

Help! P-P-Piglet! (Me) 


  1. I'm waiting for sun, too - here in "sunny" California.

    I can't imagine what it would be like to live in tornado country. Terrifying I wouls think. Thankfully, earthquakes don't have seasons and aren't as frequent (am I going to regret typing that?)

    I keep putting my wellies away until November, only to dig them out again every week!

  2. It was actually nice here last week! But now its cool and rainy again, so I fear that was it for our summer...
    We can be soul-sisters, traipsing around in our imitation Wellies and singing Winnie-the-Pooh (thanks for that, BTW).

  3. (sigh) Rain here too--with flood watches/warnings going on. It seems like there isn't one place in the USA that is experiencing beautiful weather--or if there is, it is being held as top secret so everyone else doesn't migrate there.

    I love how you "deal" with your kids. A little quirkiness is always a virtue in my book. xxBliss

  4. It's comforting to hear that the weather is as bad in the U.S.A as it is here in England, although the events in Missouri certainly put things in perspective.
    I hope the rain relents for you soon Beth and if it's any comfort to you your post has put a smile on my face, as always!

  5. This has been a particularly rainy and cold spring in Minnesota, too. It's driving me crazy. I keep fantasizing about sun and warmth, but by the time it comes, I fear it will be the high-80s-plus-humidity type. I hope not. I would love an afternoon by the Mississippi that's light and lovely.

  6. It's hot here in Pennsylvania, but the the sun is mostly hidden. It rained on and off in Toronto Canada for the last two weeks. I should not complain.

  7. Hopefully a little sun peeked out for you this weekend, Beth. It's been a gloomy and rainy spring here too, but the sun did come out on Monday and it hit 90 degrees ... it was my first beach day of the season and I was able to eat alfresco on a terrace overlooking a golf course that evening ... with two glasses of fresh lemonade! Yay to summer is what I have to say and hope that this trend of sunshine stays! xoxo


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