Monday, May 16, 2011

Je Suis Au Femme Francaise Au Coeur...

I swear...Paris is calling me. And it is not being subtle in any way, shape or form.

Regardless of my DNA, I am a French girl at heart. I love everything about France and I can't wait to get there. I devour every book on France, everything written by French women, everything written about French women, watch the movies, listen to the music...I love it all.

I finally got my copy of Ines de la Fressange's Parisian Chic. I made myself wait to open it until I got home rather than steal glances at every red light I encountered on the way. Then I made myself wait until after I spent my down-time in the kitchen preparing dinner. Conversely, my son reminds me every evening how I am not French, I do not live in France, and he would much rather eat dinner before 8PM like other normal Americans. C'est la vie, I tell him. When he begins preparing dinner after a long day at work, we'll eat when he is done cooking. This pretty much shuts down this daily conversation.

How can one not fall in love with the beauty of Paris? Hemmingway lived there, penning the famous phrase, "If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast." It stays with becomes part of you.

I haven't even been there yet but it is a part of me. I want to drink in everything it has to offer...linger in the museums, wander the streets, daydream at the cafes, shop the markets. And my soul will be restless until it
returns to this place it calls home.

Je suis au femme Francaise au coeur.


  1. You are my twin. You will get there soon. And you will love it more than you think is possible. I am waiting for my return. xxBliss

  2. J'adore!
    I cannot wait to get to Paris (and it will happen, eventually).
    When we talk about going to Europe, Wilzie wants to cram as much as we can into the time we are there, so he talks of taking the train through Italy, through the south of France, and Paris. Which sounds nice...but I just want to breathe in the culture of Paris and just "be".
    Although, I'll take anything I can get if I can just get there!

  3. I too can't wait to read Parisian Chic! I read somewhere that the french version has photos that the American version does not (of her very chic daughter) ... I may have to buy a version of each just to see those photos on her style! Thanks, love, for stopping by the blog ... as usual, I left you a little luv note in response at ... have a lovely Tuesday, Beth!

  4. I'm sure you'll get to Paris one day Beth and I'm sure it will be everything you ever dreamed it would be.
    I understand perfectly what you mean when you say it's part of you, I feel exactly the same way about Italy and Lake Como.

  5. Beth,

    Paris will be everything you think it will be - except better. I never thought I could love a city the way I love Paris.
    Bill and I are taking Tori there when she graduates from high school in 2013. We are already getting excited to show her all the sights.


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