Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today Was All Good...

Not much to say this evening other than today was one of those...really...great...days.

It was one of those days when...

...the coffee brewed perfectly and sipping it was a delectable treat...

...the spring breezed danced across the gardens, delivering their fragrance through the open window....

...several wonderful projects were completed at work....

...and the evening ended with an invigorating walk.

So now I will enjoy a lovely bubble bath and lay in bed to read until I drift off to sleep. 

It was one of those really...great...days. 


  1. That sounds like a lovely day!
    I had a liege waffle from a food truck...that was pretty good :)

  2. I am a BIG fan of simple pleaures. I am happy that you had a great day! xxBliss

  3. Your posts are always so calming and inspiring Beth!
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face.


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