Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Go Big Or Go Home...

Oh. My. Stars! Everyone is all abuzz at the fashion don't made by none other than Sarah Jessica. Was it her gown? Nope. The shoes? Absolutely not. Too much bling? Naaaahhhh. It was...It was...the HAIR!

Apparently there is a fear of big hair returning to the masses. I don't know about you, but I am quite sure some of my Aqua-Net inspired do's from the '80's are more than likely responsible for the gargantuan hole in the ozone layer. Who knew? Had I known then what I know now, I would have bought stock in L'oreal Mega-Hold gel. My monetary investment alone could have financed a third world country.

All I know is we looked fierce. You know who you are - the wider the wings the better the look. Remember Melanie Griffith in Working Girl? If you wanna be taken seriously, you need serious hair.

And any true 80's metal-head-banger worth their salt had the mile-high look going on - guys and girls. Sadly, my hair never looked as good as Jon Bon Jovi's no matter how much Aqua Net I used. Come to think of it, nobody's hair ever looked as good as Jon Bon Jovi's. Sigh...dreamy.

Luckily, I made it out of the eighties with my hair in tact. Let's face it, all that spraying, gelling, teasing, spackling, and plastering did not bode well for some (cough...Brett Michaels...cough.) While I don't see myself going back to the big hair days, I think it is fun to see Sarah Jessica relive a bit of the glory days.

As long as we all concede...the mullet must absolutely, positively, without discussion rest in peace.


  1. Amen on the mullet comment! Sarah looks great with her giant hair.

  2. If SJP is doing it, it's only a matter of time! And I'll admit it, I for one am happy to see the hair in magazines getting bigger and curlier because my natural hair is very big, and very curly and doesn't want to remain tame any longer!

  3. I also think she looks good but she doesn't wear it like this all the time. For those that do, it isn't a good situation!!

  4. I have to disagree Beth, the mullet is the king of hairstyles!
    Over here Cheryl Cole(Does anyone in the U.S.A. know who she is?) has gone for a similar look to SJP and it's all over the newspapers and magazines, so it's only a matter of time before the U.K. is overrun by big hair.
    Thanks for the picture of Melanie Griffith as well, I had a massive crush on her when she played Tess McGill in Working Girl. It's a shame that her star faded so quickly after that film.

  5. What's interesting is that she's so short and tiny it probably looked really big on her ;) Maybe it's coming back, you think? Thanks, Beth, for dropping by the blog ... as usual, a response is always left to your comment ;)

  6. When I saw that picture of SJP yesterday, I was immediately transported back to high school.
    It was not pretty.
    What's that saying? Those who don't learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them?
    I learned a lot from Square Pegs, but apparently SJP did not...

  7. I think I am ready to see some fullness on heads rather than the super, flat, no body look that has been around way. too. long. Let's get some variety! xxBliss

  8. I have mixed feelings. I like the fullness - as Bliss does - but it's just a bit much (trying a little too hard for attention, perhaps?).

    I am imagining what I would look like with hair styled that way. I am already 6'2" - put some 3" heels on me and big hair and I would be what, like 7 feet tall? No thanks - not for me. But all the tiny girls out there - I say go for it - in a modified version.

    xo, A

    P.S. I went to Ross yesterday because I wanted to find another Paris grocery bag for you - like the one Tori bought me. But alas, they were fresh out. If I happen to find another one, I'm snatching it up for you.

  9. So funny! I actually always rejected the whole big hair thing. My hair was flat compared to everyone elses but to look back now at pix I can see that I was seriously mistaken. My hair was big afterall! LOL


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