Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All That Is Old Is New Again...

I am a tremendous fan of "Mad Men". I love the fashion from this time period and how everyone dressed to go everywhere. However, watching Betty Draper has me convinced those beautiful dresses adorned some pent-up aggression and copious amounts of frustration. But back to those clothes...

The New York Times is reporting Vintage Styles Are Reborn in New Designs. Apparently I am not the only one enamored with this look. Being the short and under-developed person I am, I tend to be more of a skirt and dress person as buying pants off the rack is near impossible for hobbits. I like how classic style flatters the figure and accentuates a woman, as opposed to the baggy, shapeless look or the tight-shows-every-flaw-you-shouldn't-wear-that-with-a-muffin-top-or-back-rolls look.

My Mom has asked me how I can walk around in 3"- 4" heels the way I do. Truth be told, I am more coordinated in these stilettos than I am in flats, which I hardly ever wear anymore. These shoes are the coup de grace of a killer outfit that scream confidence even if you have no idea what in the world you are doing. Not that I would know anything about that...much.

As young women all over the nation begin choosing their prom gowns, I hope they will take some time to look to our predecessors for a graceful look from this period. Lately it seems some of these gowns created for teens should be on a stage somewhere in Las Vegas. It is better to create an air of mystery rather than reveal all of your secrets, let alone your undergarments.

Lest anyone feel fear they will look like everyone else when adopting this look, let me assure you nothing could be further from the truth. Accessories become your best friend and it is so easy to create your signature with a classic style. And not to be cliché, not only am I a full proponent of the little black dress, I have four of them. No closet is complete without one and what it becomes with the right accessories is downright amazing.

Currently the great Tish Jett is doing a series based on the classics and how to create a wardrobe with less pieces but greater possibilities. I encourage you to take a look. In the meantime, I am changing into my silk lounging pajamas, grabbing my wine, and digesting Tish's sage advice. Please share your thoughts on fashion - classic or otherwise. Don't be shy...we've got a lot of time before the next "Mad Men" season begins.


  1. Wow, you and Caramel Cupcake have made my night with these posts saluting vintage fashion. I envy your petiteness which will allow you to find vintage outfits more easily than moi, ma cherie. Thank you for the link too.

  2. Hi Beth, I just found your blog through The Daily connosieur. Maybe it was divine intervention, because as I read your profile, I saw that you teach CCD. Do you have an email? I would like to talk to you about that. I have been asked to do just that and I am scared to death. Thanks!

  3. I just love this period too. So classy & elegant. And I totally agree that accessories can help you create a signature style :)

  4. Thank you for your thoughts, ladies! And Julianne...please feel free to e-mail meat I would love to talk faith formation with you!


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