Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Life Is What Happens...

...while you're busy making other plans" so said the late, great, phenomenal John Lennon. Don't I know it.

Thank you to my dear friend Bliss who sent me a note inquiring of my absence. I have missed everyone! I try to never let busyness get in the way of my world, but this past week it definitely let me know who is the boss around here. Thank you, Bliss - you are wonderful! And to my new friend Julianne - we are gonna talk, my friend! I am so proud of you and this new endeavor; you will not be sorry!

The past four days have been a proverbial whirlwind between work, school, and home...the days blended into one long abyss. However, much has been accomplished (although I must admit this semester is giving me a run for my money) and I did have an opportunity last evening to be with some very dear friends and meet some great new ones.

I believe sometimes we concern ourselves with the big things in life creeping up on us...the transmission blows out in the car (equaling big money); the furnace or hot water tank goes (equaling big money); vacation plans are canceled due to a snowstorm (equaling loss of big money). But for me, I find the little things hurling themselves at me throw me off center. The big stuff I can handle...the continuous little "pop-ups" in life are the challenge. The budget is set, but home comes the form for school pictures or a field trip or a book order. The calendar is set but a family member calls with a last minute birthday party (tomorrow at noon if you can make it.) The project is complete but we are making this minor change and that's not a big deal is it? Nope, I truly enjoy staying up late to re-type our group report I did most of the work on. See...the little things.

I don't know about you, but time is a greater commodity to me than money. I know they say we have the same number of hours in a day that Einstein had, but come on people! He was Einstein! Regardless of what comes my way, I still stick to my two life is all good and I am way too blessed to be stressed.

So bring it on...I have red lipstick, a great pair of shoes, and a positive attitude. What else do you need?


  1. I really like your blog so I added it to my sidebar for more exposure....I love the photos with the quotes under on the sidebars...just wonderful! Have a great day!!

  2. I love this quote from John Lennon.
    Beth-I left you a reply on my blog. I would like to "gift" you a copy of the book 29 Gifts. Please e.mail me when you have time ;-)

  3. Ladies - you both overwhelm me! I have said it before and I will say it again...I am truly blessed. Thank you both so very much!

  4. Welcome back! I understand what you mean in this post. For me it is always the little things too that stress me out--more so than the big ones. I feel like yelling, "I am trying to play an organized, calm game here! Why can't YOU follow the rules too?" I am very anti-drama (contrary to my little outburst there). xxBliss

  5. Time is definitely a greater commodity! Before I left my career and Dublin to live in France and be a housewife (until I become fluent in French anyway) I had all these ideas about accomplishing so many things! HA! I barely get the normal everyday stuff tackled! If I could buy three more hours for each day, I would!


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