Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Warm Hug And Forgiveness...

Yes, this was a most productive day. But I really need a hug.

I always endeavor to do the very best I possibly can. The worse feeling in the world for me is that I let someone else down. And although it was completely out of my hands today...I did. On more than one occasion. It felt like the wind was knocked right out of my lungs.

I love it when everything is running smoothly; juggling a dozen balls simultaneously has never thrown me. Truth be told I actually enjoy it. However, it is a real test of one's control to not throttle those who get in the way of said juggling performance, let alone being the same ones to always throw their obstacles into the mix. But there it is.

I have a reminder on my desk of how to be an angel. One of the directives is to be patient with angels who do not fly as fast as you... I really should work on that. Every thing I do is a way to give glory to God. Maybe that's why it hurts so much when I let someone down...how is that glorifying God? Luckily, I know He forgives me. The hard part is forgiving myself.

So tonight I wish I had a warm fuzzy to snuggle up with and give me a hug...and maybe a back rub...and let me know I am not so bad. Perhaps even forgiven.

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  1. I have no idea what horrendous crime you have committed but I forgive you and am sending a hug.
    X David


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