Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reality Check...

Recently I have shared how my hiatus was a time for growth...mentally, physically, and spiritually. Life is beautiful and I must remember to never take it for granted. Perhaps I was...I certainly didn't mean to...and once again life handed me a reality check.

In a span of less than ten days, two people from my days-gone-by were taken from this world. And lest you think they were of "senior years"...they weren't. They were 49 and 50 years old. Yes, when I was eight years old these ages were positively ancient, but reality is these are very young ages to succumb.

Both losses were a shock and brought with them recollections of the days when each of these people were major players in my life. The first was the life of the party and created memories that forced a large group of us to toast his memory with love and laughter. The second was there from my beginning, was the coolest teenager my young self knew, and was as much family as my own blood. Although neither knew one another, they both made an impact on me.

Reality can be a real snot sometimes and the kick-in-the-pants it supplies hurts all the way up to the heart. I have determined life is really too short and I am going for the gusto. I am done waiting for things to happen...I am now the driving force to make them happen. Look out world...you ain't seen nothing yet.

In honor of Vinnie and Donna ~ forever young in my heart. Thank you for who you were to me.


  1. Very sorry for your losses...losing such ones close to us is so very hard. Your memories will, in time, make you smile; your faith will keep you strong.


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