Monday, October 22, 2012


Yes, yes, a Catholic I know all about trying to do good and be good. I remember the bracelets, bumper stickers, tee-shirts, troll dolls, etc. proclaiming we should all ask "What Would Jesus Do" before proceeding with our actions. However, while I try my best to be a good person (truly I do) I find it more realistic to ask myself, "Self, what would Coco do?"

I have more books and biographies on Coco than you can imagine. And I devour them all time and time again. How could I not? Coco was a woman who could not care less of what others thought of her and endeavored to revolutionize the women's clothing industry and not only how the way women were perceived by men but how they perceived themselves. In a nutshell, she has taught me that I can do absolutely anything I can set my mind to.

In several of these books it has been written that Coco was not considered a great beauty. Seriously? Look at this photo of her and please tell me where beauty lacks. Yet it was in her mind she saw what the world could not...flouting convention to achieve what society would rather deny her. She was brave, she was bold, she was amazing. Perhaps this is why she is so often quoted...and here are just a few of my favorites:

"A girl should always be two things ~ classy and fabulous."

This is hands-down my favorite quote from M. Chanel. What else is there to say? And when I have a day of the mean reds and I'm not feeling my Hepburn, I remember these words from Coco, pour a glass of wine, sing, and soon...all is right with the world again.

"A woman who does not wear perfume has no future."

Nothing existential here...I just like to smell divine. And not that someone-has-just-taken-a-bath-in-fragrance-and-I-can-taste-it-in-my-throat mess, but honest-to-goodness-feminine-softly-lingering-fragrance-left-on-the-clothes-bringing-a-smile-to-ones-face-after-I've-left divine. Surely you know what I speak of...

"The most courageous act is to think for yourself. Aloud."

If ever there was a quote to epitomize my being, it would be this. Indeed, many a time I found myself in trouble as a youth (and occasionally as an adult...perhaps even an hour ago...) because I tend to think for myself...aloud. But this brings a brutal honesty with oneself, an honesty of knowing who you are and not being afraid to proclaim it. When others know your truth they can either accept you or disregard you based upon reality. One would think this takes the surprise out of life, but this would not be truth; as one continues to learn one continues to evolve. As one continues to evolve, so does their truth. Aloud...

Which leads me to my last quote for the evening...

"Fashion fades...only style remains."
And there it is. Remain true to yourself, forget about what seems popular, and go for what you know. What would Chanel do? She would laugh in the face of adversity, drink champagne, read, laugh, dance, and sing...


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  1. Agreed! on all of it. Great quotes too. I think she was very pretty...especially in her younger to mid years.


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