Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Should Be Ashamed...

I really should be ashamed of myself. I mean, c'mon...it's the New York Times Obituaries for Pete's sake. But I can't help it...I can't stop laughing.

I was perusing the New York Times Obituaries this evening (I wasn't listed so it was a good day, but I digress...) when I came upon the obituary of Ethel Person. Apparently, 77 year old Ethel "did pioneering research on sexuality, visiting sex shops and drag dance clubs" in her studies of sexual fantasies. Hmm...I didn't see a class for that in this semester's list of courses for career-planning, but okay...to each his own. And considering the mature person I am, I moved along.

What got me laughing was immediately following Ethel, the very next obituary was for Frank Moore Cross...a Biblical Scholar. You just can't make this stuff up. And this cracked me up.

Maybe it is the late hour after a very long day. Maybe I am not the mature person I think I am. But to find a biblical scholar named Cross forever immortalized in the New York Times right alongside a sexual fantasy scholar named Person seems hysterically ironic to me. Methinks Heaven is going to be quite an interesting place tonight...

This is funny to me in the same way Anderson Cooper giggling like a school girl is funny. This is funny to me like the uptight lady in church incessantly squeezing her cheeks trying to hold in a fart but it eventually escapes as a high-pitched-trumpet-holding-a-note-for-infinity is funny to me. (And try telling your teens to settle down when you can't breathe yourself and you're crying from trying to hold in the laughter. The inevitable side cramp helps, but not enough.) It just never gets old...

Or maybe it does and perhaps it's time I put the wine down and just went to bed.

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