Thursday, August 30, 2012


As mentioned, I have had life-changing experiences over the past few months. One such example has been the obsession introduction of yoga in my life.
My Bestie has been a follower of yoga for many years. In fact, she has tried several times to get me to give it a try but I was always too busy. She would look at me with that knowing look that says, "Hmmmm....too busy. Well perhaps you wouldn't be wound so tight if you would just give it a try." Indeed....

The first time I gave yoga a try was on the Wii...the happy little contraption that takes such joy in provoking me into testing the laws of physics by seeing just how aerodynamic it could be. The first time I tried to follow the Wii instructor I remember thinking, "You want me to put what where? And BALANCE? Seriously?" However, this brought tons of laughter from the kiddos coupled with subsequent dinner conversations resulting in some form of liquid spewing from noses so I guess the memories made were worth the sacrifice of my dignity, but I digress...

One lovely Saturday in June I ventured into an actual yoga class with my Bestie and within 30 minutes I was completely sold. And if this wasn't amazing in its own right, we were lead into a guided relaxation where I actually let my mind get still and relax. I had never felt anything like this before! Amazing! I immediately committed to six more weeks right on the spot.

Being a type-A personality adventurist who likes to push it to the extreme, I gave Iron Yoga a try. I would like to tell you this is just as relaxing, but I would be lying. I HATE this class, I love this class, I hate this class...and it has done wonders for my life. Both classes have taught me to focus, to breathe through the difficulties, to recognize my inner-spiritual self, and not look at the obstacle but the end result. I have quieted my mind, nourished my soul, and toned my body beyond anything I thought possible.

We end each class in prayer position with the ancient Sanskrit prayer of Namaste, which is the Divine light in each of us honoring the Divine light in one another. My prayer is for me to continue looking for this light in everyone always...not just the folks I like. Therein lies the challenge. But to you my friend, I wholeheartedly say Namaste.

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