Monday, November 28, 2011

Breaking Dawn...

Lest anyone think this is one of those Bella-Edward-vampire-guy-with-the-killer-abs-that-turns-into-a-werewolf posts, let me set the record straight. I am pretty sure I am the only person in the free world who has not read one word of Twilight or anything remotely connected to it, so if you're looking for an Edward shout-out, all I'm gonna say is Monsieur Pattinson was Cedric in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire long before he sported fangs, so Harry Potter was, is, and forever shall be superior. But I digress...

During my state of hibernation, I began walking every morning with my Bestie. For my fellow Big Bang Theory disciples fans, she is Penny to my Amy Farah-Fowler, although I am not secretly in love with her and I don't use my electric toothbrush in the same manner as Ms. Fowler. This, however, is a completely different post entirely.

In the midst of self-evaluation during this hibernation, I realized I let too much time lapse between time spent with my Bestie. She is a great inspiration to me and a source of tremendous spiritual direction. Plus, she is great at holding the mirror of truth up for me. Anyway, since I awake every morning at 5:00 AM  and we have both tried to instill exercise into our lives, she began coming over to my house at 5:30 AM so we could head out for a two-mile walk to start our day. With hills. In the dark.

Walking is very therapeutic for me. I have friends who are runners and I must admit, I have great admiration and desire to experience this "zone" I hear of, not to mention the incredible shape they are in. The only problem is I am too lazy and I don't like to get out of breath and my shin-splints from running high school track flare up and I am too uncoordinated to run and this should suffice for excuses. So I walk. And I think. And I pray.

There is something so peaceful about walking in the blue-black night right before the breaking dawn. The world is still sleeping (well, except for the truck that almost ran me over three weeks ago. Hey, reckless driver! When you read this (and you will read this) PAY ATTENTION! If you are determined to have mirrors hang four feet off your doors you MUST take care not to whack me in the head with them as you go speeding by!! There is way too much useless knowledge in this head to have it smacked by an object moving a few digits above the speed limit and in my space. I'm delicate, you know!)

Stepping out in the morning air, the cold burns my lungs as we work up a rapid stride. By the time we crest our first hill, I feel so invigorated I am ready to take on anything the day has to offer. Bestie and I catch up, but sometimes we silently enjoy the stillness. I think of the the day ahead and smile at plans formulating in my mind as the sun creeps above the horizon, illuminating the sky in a blaze of pink, violet, blue, and orange glory. Completely refreshed, I return home 30 minutes later as the house is just beginning to awake.

I used to be a real night-owl. Since I've been walking every day, I am snuggled into bed by 10:00 PM dreaming beautiful dreams. And it's about time for me to do so now. So to my dear, dear one...I shall see you soon in my dreams. Until then, enjoy one of my favorites ~ the late, great John Lennon with Dream #9. May you, too, have wonderful dreams and wake to a beautiful breaking dawn.


  1. I envy you having a buddy to walk with and help you stay motivated. My walking buddy is my dog and motivation is not his forte.
    And, I've never read a single word of Twilight ever. Never ever.

  2. Oh but my dear Sara, I envy YOU because regardless of where you walk - it is in FRANCE! Wonderful! I still plan on just showing up on your doorstep someday....


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